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Zoology Publications from Victoria University of Wellington—Nos. 58 to 61

Plate 5

Plate 5page 29

Plate 5

Figs. 1A & 1B: Oblique section through polyp base. PAS/Mowry colloidal iron stain, × 1,100. Fig. 1A photographed through deep blue filter to emphasize the Schiff-staining cuticle. Fig. 1B photographed through red filter to emphasize the Mowry colloidal iron-staining outer perisarc layer and ectodermal granules.

C, cuticle; EC, ectoderm; EG, ectodermal granules; EN, endoderm; EP1, cut edge of outer perisarc layer; M, mesogloea; P1, outer perisarc layer; T, tentacle.

Fig. 2: Longitudinal section of hydrocaulus in region of annulations beneath a polyp. PAS/Mowry colloidal iron stain, photographed by Nomarski interference illumination, × 900.

EC, ectoderm; EN, endoderm; M, mesogloea; P1, outer perisarc layer; P2, inner perisarc layer.