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The Long White Cloud

About the electronic version

The Long White Cloud

Author: William Pember Reeves

Creation of machine-readable version: Keyboarded by TechBooks, Inc.

Creation of digital images: New Zealand Electronic Text Collection

Conversion to TEI.2-conformant markup: TechBooks, Inc.

George Allen & Unwin Ltd Ruskin House Museum Street, 2006

Publicly accessible


copyright 2006, by Victoria University of Wellington

Extent: ca. 970 kilobytes


Yongqing Ma reviewed and checked TEI make-up keyboarded by Techbook,corrected the capitalisation problem in the header and headings. Corrected and renamed two wrong images. Added some new name keys and modified TEI make-up for some poems display.Corrected some spurious divs in t1-body-d1-d5 and t1-body-d2-d6.