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Proposals made by Sir George Grey to Tawhiao, at meeting at Hikurangi, on the 10th May, 1878


[ko te tohutoro i roto i te reo Māori]


1.You stand in your authority, to which the Government will add that you are to be the administrator within your district. The Government will assist you and the Chiefs of your district to so administer affairs that peace and quietness will alight on the two races of this Island. The Government will always look to you; they will not look to one side or to the other. It is for you to say lease (land), and it will be leased, sell, and sales will take place within your district. The Government will give you and your Chiefs an allowance for the administration of your district. The Government will give you, Tawhiao, five hundred pounds a year. The moneys to be expended within the district will be given as a whole to him (Tawhiao), for him to distribute as he thinks proper to the Chiefs of his district.
2.The Government will give you five hundred acres of land in the District of Ngaruawahia, near your father's grave. The Government will build you a house at Kawhia for you to hold your meetings in.
3.The portions of land remaining to the Government which have not yet been sold to Europeans, situate on the western side of the Waikato and Waipa—those are the portions which will be returned to Tawhiao.
4.In addition to this, inasmuch as I am very desirous that you should become wealthy, I consider that the Government should set apart certain town sections within all the townships situate on the Waikato and Waipa, and give them to you in trust for the people, the money arising therefrom to be dealt with as you shall think fit, for I wish that you should speedily become rich, because these are the places which are rapidly increasing in value.
5.With reference to roads, it is my wish that you and I should carry out the arrangements respecting them, and that no person should presume to make roads before it has been settled by you and the Government.
6.With reference to surveys, it is for you to say that surveys are to be made, and surveys will be made.
7.I have thought over these matters, and it is my earnest wish that I may see you living comfortably on the lands which will be set apart for you; should you consent to the proposals which I now make to you, I will give it my special attention, so that you may soon occupy the lands in those places which will now be given back to you, and which have not yet been disposed of to the Europeans. With respect to other matters, that is ploughs, harrows, and other implements, requisite for the proper cultivation of the soil, the Government will make some arrangement for that, so that you may live comfortably and prosperously in the homes that will then be made. These are all the proposals that I am able to make to you. With reference to the pieces in the townships, Tawhiao and yourselves must examine the maps, and select the portions for you.