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Sport 29: Spring 2002

Mr Blythe at Home and Abroad

page 183

Mr Blythe at Home and Abroad

Displaying an illuminated glyph
freezer-bright and whitely cruciform,
the ethnic church across the road
blazes like a dairy.

Keen to peddle grand, Egyptian clocks,
bird-headed indigents go door to door
but captious things enamelled and ornate
are not our cup of tea.

The light-fingered darkness
triggers car alarms.
Like modern families the world over,
we fail to believe in our own beliefs.

It's resinous, knotty …
and Pine Motel is where
we spend the odd weekend.

Biding its rotten time,
historic Crater Lake
exudes an eggy pong.

Geyser Motors closed for good last year.

When night descends, we stroll down to the shore,
there to reacquaint ourselves with these:
clopping hulls, buzzing sheets,
the pilgrims and their adamant candles.