Title: Sport 37

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman, 2009, Wellington

Part of: Sport

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Sport 37: Winter 2009

Kerrin P. Sharpe

page 160

Kerrin P. Sharpe

three days in a wishing well

at the bottom
of the well
lined with porteous
yellow blue art tiles

ceramic hands hold
moon drop coins
arranged as feathers
on a hunter's shirt

and a city care
man with hose and
bucket is separating
wishes from water

the research is called
three days in a wishing
well now the council knows
the thoughts of the boy

rowing nowhere the
woman carrying shortbread
as live environments.com
even the washing

instructions for this poem

page 161

world without maps

on the margins of the world
monks raise farm animals

furrow remains indicate
a popular devotion

to beeswax figures
some still sketch

british birds and their eggs
or visit the sewing shrine

home of the bobbin
and cotton brothers

j & p coats
they are a silent order

so often singing is only
heard from the wine glass

or its reflection

page 162

six lies for an orthopaedic surgeon

he sat in the
ribcage of a plane
and studied a
parisian church
made of monk bones

after eating an apple
he felt like he had
taken an axe to a skull

in the great depression
his parents had to
hire bones from the
butcher to make soup
he recalls lifting
the lid off the copper pot
and seeing his first femur

he chanted the
206 bones
in the human skeleton
like a rosary . . .
ulna fibula tibia

page 163

he showed his twins
maxilla and clavicle
how to remove bones
from their pet goldfish
while it was swimming

when he spoke at the
conference only
the bones of 300
surgeons were listening