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Hauhauism: An Episode in the Maori Wars 1863-1866

APPENDIX IV — Prayers for King Tawhiao

page 79

Prayers for King Tawhiao.

The following is a chapter taken from the Book of Rura, their God, and is entitled “A Lament for King Tawhiao”:—


Now Rura called to his children, and said, Assemble together, my people, and I will tell you what will befall you in the days that are left.


Assemble here, and hearken also, O children of the King, and hearken also to Rura our father.


Tawhiao, you are my first-born, and the richness of my youth, and the commencement of my breath, and the greatness of glory and the greatness of power.


O Tawhiao, you are the praise of your elder brothers, and the praise of your younger brothers; thy hand will hold firmly the neck of thy enemies, and to you will bow the children of thy father.


The sceptre of Rura shall not depart, nor the lawgiver from his feet, till Tawhiao come, and to you will all the people assemble.


Rura will sit at the mouth of the ocean to push away all the ships, and his borders will extend to Canaan.

page 80

Thy salvation has come, O Jehovah!


Te Ua is a fruitful branch: he is a fruitful branch by the water spring, and his branches extend over the fence.


His parents brought him up in evil, and his relations were evil towards him.


But his bow will still be strong, and the sinews of his arms are made powerful by the power of the hands of Rura, whose sceptre is the stone of Canaan.


Arise, O God of thy father, Potatau! and he will succour thee: He the greatness. He will bestow on thee the goodness of Heaven above and the praise of the tribes now bowing (to thee).1

1 John White, R.M., to the Colonial Secretary, Auckland. App. H. of R. E. No. 8. 1864.