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The Diary of James Brogden, August 1871 – December 1872

31 August 1871

31 August 1871

We arrived at Jersey City, New York late in the evening of Wednesday August 30th – and stayed at the celebrated Fifth Avenue Hotel, being anxious to see Americans in their own establishment. The Hotel is very large and very busy; and several shops are attached to it, such as Hairdressers, Chemists, Cigar &c. We went to the Bar and had some American drinks at different times, - for few people drink wine at meals and therefore visit the bar afterwards. The breakfast, which commences at an early hour, is put on and served by blackcolored men, and begins with melon and iced-water and includes various ordinary dishes – Lunch and Dinner are much after the style of France. The charges are so much per day, which includes everything but Wine; but the charges are high. Every piece put to Wash costs [unclear: s 6]. In fact, living and everything is ruinous in New York. Dollars which are 4/2 but amount in currency to about 3/9 are only like shillings. The luxury of a carriage is something page 7 indeed, the charge being 2 ½ dollars an hour. The City of New York is not striking in itself. The Stores, as they are called, shew great trade, but do not compare with our Warehouses in size. All the Goods are seen in New York, - whereas in England are much larger establishments not so ostentatiously set out. There is only one that can compared with such an establishment as that of Sir JohnJames Watts in Manchester. There is not much to be seen in New York. By riding about in the street cars, or as they are called, the tramway carriages, one can get on very well – otherwise it is something marvellous to see what execrable pavement there is. We were half our day arranging for future travel; -