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Medicine Amongst the Maoris, in Ancient and Modern Times

Skin Diseases

Skin Diseases.

These must have been common judging from the number of Maori words applying to different condition of the skin.
Huahua.pimples, acne.
Whewhe.boil, furuncle.
Tapoa.carbuncle, abscess.
Pukupuku.any eruption of a papular nature.
Paipai.probably eczema intertrigo, since applied to venereal disease.
Patito.ringworm, eczema capitis or most skin troubles of the head.
Hakihaki.impetigo, sometimes applied to eczema which has come on after scabies.
Pokapoka.ulceration, sometimes applied to hura.
Hura.tubercular ulceration of the neck.
The frequency of skin diseases was probably due to the diet. Most skin diseases were looked upon as simple but pokapoka and hura were due to demons. Where skin diseases were obstinate the supernatural causation became established.