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Medicine Amongst the Maoris, in Ancient and Modern Times

The Future

page 114

The Future.

The following brief indications if successfully carried out should do much to improve the health of the Maori Race.

(1).European medical men, in Maori districts, require some knowledge of Maori ideas on the subject of disease so that, though no encouragement to perpetuate such ideas must be given, they may yet understand their patients and treat them as individual cases not as automatons.
(2).The present system of health work should be encouraged until such time as the Maori people shall have advanced to such a degree that they can be put under the control of the European District Health Officers.
(3).District nurses should be located in populous Maori centres to nurse the sick and teach by practical methods simple nursing and the care of infants.
(4).Medical inspection of Native schools should be carried out wherever possible and breathing exercises should be introduced into all the schools.
(5).Registration of deaths should be compulsory.

Another important factor which really comes outside the scope of this essay, is the improvement of the economic condition of the race that will lead to their settlement upon their own lands as farmers and workers. This will carry improvement in their environment and render the necessities of life more easily procurable. The effect upon the health of the people would be incalculable. They would be assisted in the war against disease and would regain the magnificent physique which is their racial heritage.