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The Moa-Hunters of New Zealand: Sportsman of the Stone Age

The Moa-hunters of New Zealand

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The Moa-hunters of New Zealand

This is an important New Zealand book. It deals with the time when the Dominion was inhabited solely by the Maori, and when the Moa roamed its open spaces in great flocks. These birds were hunted, killed, and eaten by the Maori, and the purpose of the book is to tell how, when, and where this was done.

The narrative is a fascinating one, and told in Buick's clear and graceful style it carries the reader along in its rhythmic stride from the first page to the last without a tedious moment.

The various known Moa-hunters' camps are visited and described, and for the first time the veils is lifted from the centre of human activity once assembled at the mouth of the Waitaki River.

The story of the Moa-h[unclear: unters is] an epic in New Zeala[unclear: nd's past] with which everyone s[unclear: hould be] familiar. Here is the oppo[unclear: rtunity] to acquire the information, ass[unclear: isted] by a number of instructive illustrations.