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Life of Sir George Grey: Governor, High commissioner, and Premier. An Historical Biography.

Colonists' Regrets

Colonists' Regrets.

Grey was not to be permitted to leave New Zealand like an ordinary man or even an ordinary Governor. Save only the Marquis of Ripon, the philo-Indian viceroy, no other Governor's departure has been so lamented. The settlers at Wellington, to whom his name had been an offence, forgot their grievances against him, overcame page 92their animosities, and joined in the chorus of regrets. They presented to him a piece of plate, which of course he could not personally receive, the Colonial Office assimilating the representative of the Sovereign to the Sovereign herself; it was deposited in the Museum at Auckland and bore the suitable inscription: Fundatori Quietis—"To the Author of the Peace." From such a trusty ally as Bishop Selwyn, moving his acquiescent clergy, he received an address that seemed to add the approbation of Heaven to that of Earth, and it greatly affected him as "one of the highest rewards he could conceive.''