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Life of Sir George Grey: Governor, High commissioner, and Premier. An Historical Biography.

Three Colonising Associations. — The New Zealand Land Company

Three Colonising Associations.
The New Zealand Land Company.

The Maoris having thus been conquered, conciliated, and organised, Grey had grave tasks before him. He had to measure himself against a not less formidable power, at least for the time—the New Zealand Company, which for a decade played a large part in English Parliamentary history, in the proceedings of the Colonial Office, and in the founding of a British colony in New Zealand. The Company was an emanation from the brain of one of the deepest political thinkers, the subtlest schemers, and the most cunning manipulators of men that England has seen. Edward Gibbon Wakefield's dedication to a colonial career was an accident, of the Darwinian sort, and it was to this 'accident' that the settlement of South Australia and New Zealand is ascribable. From the hour of the new-birth of his spirit he lived but for his colonies, true offspring of his genius. Grey was to come into personal contact with him only towards the end of his first term in New Zealand, when the Company was extinct, but he was brought into collision with the Company as soon as his hands were free of the Maoris.