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Land Tenure in the Cook Islands


page 350


The bibliography is divided into two parts: the first deals with theoretical and comparative studies which were consulted in the course of the research, while the second deals exclusively with source material relating directly to the Cook Islands. In cases where the relevance of works listed is not immediately apparent, a brief annotation is given, showing the reason for their inclusion. If only a particular portion of a work is of relevance, the appropriate pages are shown in brackets. The abbreviations used are explained on page x. Titles of publications are underlined.

Part One: Theory and Comparative Studies

1. Land tenure theory and general

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page 351

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page 352

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2. Selected studies of specific tenure situations

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page 353

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3. Land tenure in Polynesia and Fiji
Polynesia generally

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New Zealand

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page 355

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French Oceania

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page 356

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Other Polynesia

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Part Two: The Cook Islands

Primary sources
Unpublished MSS

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page 357

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page 358

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page 359

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page 360

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page 361

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page 362

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Collections and series

American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Mission (microfilmed collection of selected documents held by ANU from the archives of the American Board).

Arundel Papers, collection of papers of the late John T. Arundel, ANU.

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Tahiti British Consulate Papers, Mitchell Library, Sydney.

Western Pacific High Commission, Central Archives, Suva, Fiji. Files relating to the Cook Islands 1888–1900.

page 363

Newspapers and periodicals

Boston Daily Whig 1.8.1846

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Cook Islands Review 1952–9

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Te Torea (Rarotonga) 1895–9

Tuatua Mou (Rarotonga) 1909–16

Tumu Korero (Rarotonga) 1953–4

Weekly Alta California 16.11.1850

Official MSS and files

Atiu Island Council Minutes 1917–59.

Cook Islands Administration, files and records relating to land matters 1892–1960.

— Proceedings of the Legislative Council of the Cook Islands 1947–57.

— Proceedings of the Legislative Assembly of the Cook Islands 1958–9.

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Official publications

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page 364

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page 365

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