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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Auckland Provincial District]


Up to the present time (October, 1900) seventeen gentlemen have occupied the mayoral chair of the City of Auckland. The late Mr Archibald Clark was Mayor from 1851 to 1852, when the city was managed by a Common Council, which existed under a special charter. Mr P. A. Philips, who was the first Mayor of Auckland under the Municipal Corporations Act of 1867, was elected to that position in 1869, and held office for three years. Mr Philips was succeeded in 1872 by Henry Isaacs, who was Mayor for two years. Mr F. L. Prime followed for one year from 1874 to 1875. Up to that time mayors were elected by the municipal councils, but the Act of 1875 devolved the duty upon the ratepayers. Mr Benjamin Tonks was the first Mayor elected in Auckland under this statute. Thus it comes that Auckland has had three “first” Mayors; Mr Archibald Clark, under the special charter of 1850; Mr P. A. Philips, elected by the Council under the Act of 1867; and Mr B. Tonks, by the ratepayers under the statute of 1875. Messrs W. J. Hurst and H. Brett were elected successively after Mr Tonks. For two years, from 1878 to 1880, Mr T. Peacock was Mayor. Then followed respectively Mr J. McCosh Clark, Mr W. R. Waddel, and Mr A. E. T. Devore, each for a term of three years. Mr J. H. Upton next occupied the chair for two years, from 1889 to 1891; and Mr W. Crowther followed for one year. From 1893 to 1896 Mr J. J. Holland filled the honoured position. Messrs A. Boardman and P. Dignan followed respectively each for a year. Mr D. Goldie was elected first in 1898, and still (October, 1900) holds the position.