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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Auckland Provincial District]


The county of Waitemata has an area of 613 square miles, and an estimated population of about 7000. The value of ratable property in town districts is £25,739, within road districts, £77,473, in outlying districts, £519,263, and within the limits of the county, £622,475. This does not include the ratable value of the boroughs of Birkenhead and Devonport, which rate on the annual value. There is a general rate of 3/4d in the £, and separate rates of 3/4d and 1/2d in the £ in specified ridings. The total annual receipts from all sources, including rates, licenses, grants, etc., amount to £6,766 1s 4d, and the expenditure to £6,886 8s 8d. Considerable areas of the county were at one time heavily timbered, and the timber industry still provides a great deal of employment. Some of the finest specimens of the kauri pine are still to be found on the west coast of the county. In places the land has been cleared, and the settlers are turning their attention to fruit growing and sheep-farming. The country is mostly too broken for agricultural purposes, but for pasturage it is admirably suitable. The People's Park at Waitakerei consists of 4000 acres, mostly virgin forest, and the splendid waterfalls of Waitakerei and Naihotopu, and the magnificent scenery and natural wonders of the West Coast district, are all within the county. The falls of Naihotopu are now being utilised as an auxiliary water supply for the city, which is, therefore, not likely to suffer any scarcity in future. The well known Waiwere Hot Springs and Sanatorium are situated on the northern boundary of Waitemata. These places are all within twenty miles' ride of the city of Auckland, and are much frequented, especially in summer.