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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Auckland Provincial District]

The Troops at Te Ranga

The Troops at Te Ranga.

On the 21st of June Lieut. Colonel Greer, who had been left in command at Tauranga, heard that the natives were entrenching themselves at Te Ranga, about three miles inland from the Gate Pa, and in a manner much similar. He resolved to dislodge them before they had time to finish the redoubt; and advanced immediately with two detachments and a corps of Colonial cavalry. After a few rounds from a big gun he ordered an assault, which was gallantly carried out. The engagement lasted only a few minutes; the natives were caught in the trenches, and a fierce hand-to-hand conflict took place; while the rebels who fled were followed and cut down by the cavalry. One hundred and nine dead bodies of the enemy were found and buried on the field; nineteen wounded natives (twelve of whom subsequently died from their wounds) and eleven who were unhurt were taken prisoners. Our loss amounted to eight killed and thirty-nine wounded.

During this time our allies, the Arawas, had been engaged in several fierce conflicts with the Ngatiporou and Uriwera tribes, and had inflicted severe losses upon them. Tohi, a brave loyal old chief, was killed in one of these successful encounters. The rebels then retreated to the hills in the Waikato borders, and our troops held all the country from Auckland to the Waikato plains.