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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Auckland Provincial District]

Mr. Henry Wrigg

Mr. Henry Wrigg, Old Colonist and sometime Member of the Institute of Civil Engineers, served his time under Sir John Rennie, the eminent engineer, and was under him when he was carrying out extensive irrigation and other works during the Irish famine. After that Mr. Wrigg was engaged in various large works, including a water supply for the borough of Preston, and embankment or reclamation works for retaining a portion of the river Dee. The land thus protected and reclaimed is now a large farming district. Mr. Wrigg was Borough Engineer at Preston, England, for many years, and also carried out large railway construction works in the north of England. In 1863 he came with his family to Auckland, and was immediately appointed by the Provincial Government to report upon the Naihotupu water supply, and was also engaged by the Auckland City Council to fix the permanent levels of the city of Auckland. Mr. Wrigg made the survey and plans for the railway from Auckland to Mercer, though the line was not strictly made upon the route laid down by him, as the estimate per mile was fixed lower than his, to come within certain limits. He was Provincial Engineer-in-Chief for the province of Auckland, and Goldfields Engineer, and was engaged by the Government to make a report upon a railway from Christchurch to Nelson. The Government also engaged him to make other reports, including an exhaustive one upon the irrigation of the Canterbury Plains. Mr. Wrigg's last work was the supply of water by gravitation for the town of Timaru, where he was Borough Engineer from 1877 up to the time of his death, in 1879.

The Late Mr. H. Wrigg.

The Late Mr. H. Wrigg.