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Experiment 11


page 320


Awaken the bandycruet Polly Plumar 160
The Crank Polly Plumar 170
Julius Caesar Polly Plumar 170
The Odeness of Wilson Wilberforce...Polly Plumar 180
Chesapeake Bay Slurlu Huba 190
Today's Umbrage G T 200
Suicide was on his lips...Paul Protheroe 220
The Incendiary eve Paul Protheroe 230
Morbid Tales Sharlene and 240
Insane Murder Sheryll Wright
Death in Ignorance J S Hales 250
Working in the public library...Tipu 260
"As I walked the highways of the lost"...Tipu 270
Yahoo, Yankees Tipu 280
"In this great breaker" Pauline Vella 290
The Mechanic Pauline Vella 290
XXX Peter Mirams 300
II Peter Mirams 310
Ever at all Ashley Conland 340
Containment Anon 350
'65 - the sour side Anon 350
For mother living G J C 360
Matinee G J C 370
Death is a city Alan Cocker 380page 330
Thinkers unite: until Alan Cocker 390
Song of a madman Colin Walsh 400
Love for the loveless J R Boyes 430
Champion Dennis List 440
In Revolutio Dennis List 460
Distillation Dennis List 500
"There is a bird" Dennis List 520
"Glass I lie" Dennis List 520
Extract from The Life History of Shurple Dennis List 530
"I see a wall" Buros 580
Sonnet in an unknown language...Slurlu Huba 580
Variations on a theme Slurlu Huba 580
"As I was eating this eggnog egg"...Anon 590
"Jesus was a carpenter" Anon 590
Clerihew: Sir Robert Watson-Watt... Anon 590
Mrs Meek and Mrs Munt Trad. 600
Free poems Anon 600
Amphigouri Anon 600
"There was a young man of St-B"'...Trad 610
There was a young man of yellow pages" Attrib. Polly Plumor 610
"I thought I saw..." Anon 610
The wind is blowing through my hair" Kathy Lutton 620
Tralala Trad. 620
"Birds fly gracefully... Julie Brook 620