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New Zealand Minstrelsy

A Bushranging

“New Zealand Minstrelsy”: Page 10.

A Bushranging.

Let ’s go a bushranging, thou fairest of lassies;
Let’s go a bushranging, and visit each scene,
Whose beauties unchanging which nought e’er surpasses,
While clad in mantles of gay evergreen.

JoyThe morning delights us, all nature invites us,
To taste her enjoyments wherever we rove;
Then, come, let us wander where streamlets meander,
Or through the dark forest, or pine shady grove.

Chorus—Let’s go a bushranging, &c.

MāoriThe wild sons of nature, though warlike in feature,
Shall smile thee a welcome, appearing serene;
While New Zealand Flora and Faunastrains of the tui, whose sweetness will woo thee,
Shall render enchantments enliv’ning each scene.

Let’s go a bushranging, &c.

page 11“New Zealand Minstrelsy”: Page 11.

Work; LandLo! see yon bush clearing, its aspect how cheering!
Where Industry toils, and fresh gardens do grow;
The axe still resounding, hard labour abounding,
While bushmen exult o’er the forest laid low.

Let’s go a bushranging, &c.

EmpireBritannia may glory, repeating the story,
Of sons ever hardy, extending her sway;
Work; ChangeWhile woodlands encumbered, for ages unnumbered,
Must to their bold enterprize ever give way.

We’ll go a bushranging, &c.