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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 6 (October 24, 1926)

Lower Railway Rates for Fertilisers

Lower Railway Rates for Fertilisers

Speaking in the House of Representatives on 17th August the Prime Minister made some observations in regard to reductions both in the cost of artificial manures and in the rate for their carriage by rail—observations of very great interest and importance to the farming community at the present time. Following reductions recently made in the price of super-phosphate, a further reduction of ⅙ per ton has been made by the manufacturers. The reduction now made in railage rates amounts to 40 per cent. per truck load, and 25 per cent. for lesser quantities over one ton.

“The Government,” said Mr. Coates, “is convinced of the great possibilities existing for increased production of primary products in the Dominion by further development of our farming methods. One most important factor in bringing about increased production lies in a great extension of the general use of phosphatic fertilisers, particularly in the form of top-dressing of pastures. The instructional services given by departmental officers afford farmers a means of obtaining advice and information on all phases of farm practice, and much of the time of these officers is already occupied in the giving of advice in connection with the use of fertilisers, thus assisting towards obtaining the best results from the expenditure involved in their purchase.