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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 6 (October 24, 1926)



Damn that fellow, Montague, the easy mark is dead!
I'd give a quid if I could twig o'er there his curly head;
So that if things should now go wrong, as things will oft'times do,
I still could blame that pliant dolt, that blighter, Montague.
I never knew his worth till he got one right on to me
By lying sick for quite a while, then dying peacefully.
And now my work is all behind. I'm in a blanky stew
All because that drudge has died, that blighter, Montague.
The “balance” that I couldn't “make,” I'd pass it on to him,
And saunter up the town to have a bet with Bill and Jim.
If e'er the Boss said “That mistake—who made it—you or who?”
I'd say, of course, “It was, you know, that fellow Montague.”
Now I will have to find some guy to fill the old goat's place
For I can't work all day, and at night still go the pace.
No I can't go on and “be a sport” as other fellows do,
Without some fool to take your place, you blighter, Montague.

L. H. Campbell (Newmarket.)

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A Track in the Mountain Bush, Olakune

A Track in the Mountain Bush, Olakune