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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 6 (October 1, 1927)

Canterbury Letter. — Railway Economics Class

page 36

Canterbury Letter.
Railway Economics Class.

The Christchurch Railway Economics Class has completed the course of twelve lectures under the auspices of the Workers' Educational Association.

This year the class adopted a system which ensured that members did a good deal of study-two of the members, for each lecture, preparing and reading papers dealing with different aspects of economics.

After the reading of the papers, Professor A. H. Tocker, the class tutor, reviewed the members' efforts and guided the discussion that followed. The result was that several students acquired a greater knowledge of the subjects treated than was obtainable under the old system.

Our members, too, have realised how really interesting the study of the everyday problems of life can be. Of these problems our class dealt with (1) Population (four lectures), (2) Money (three lectures), (3) Taxation (three lectures), (4) Wages and Production (three lectures).

Unfortunately the W. E. A. is hampered by lack of funds, which fact compels the class to forego the services and lose the guidance of Professor Tocker, whose aid (considering his high standing and the many calls on his time) members were fortunate to obtain.

Excursion Trains.

The outstanding development in Canterbury this winter has been the Farmers' Excursion Trains which have all been a pronounced success. It is certain that the ultimate gain to our industry resulting from the running of these trains will be many fold the immediate return.

The excursions to Arthur's Pass and Otira continue to attract as many patrons as ever. It is doubtful if these tourist resorts will ever lose favour. Situated in the heart of the mountains amidst some of the finest scenery in the world, Arthur's Pass and Otira are assets in the possession of which the people of New Zealand have cause to rejoice.

Railway Library.

The Christchurch Railway Library is steadily growing both in number and quality of books and number of subscribers. The action of the Library Committee in sending (on the circular letter principle) copies of overseas Railway Magazines to country stations is much appreciated by members in those places.

The general Social Committee has in hand several schemes for providing funds for the purpose of furnishing the Social Hall.

Oamaru Railway Miniature Rifle Club.

The Oamaru Railway Miniature Rifle Club which was formed in May (under the patronage of Dr. Orbell) has now a membership of over fifty. Two cups for annual competition amongst members were generously donated by Mr. A. Block and Mr. J. Keith respectively. The club, since its formation, has improved both in regard to teams and individual shooting, and at the present time has four teams (each comprising five members) entered in the competition for the North Otago Times Shield. The club holds its shoot weekly (on Saturday evenings) and a cordial invitation to be present is extended to any railway men visiting Oamaru. The establishment of the club, by providing means of social intercourse, has done much to foster the spirit of goodwill and fellowship amongst members of the staff.

Should the establishment of similar clubs on other parts of the system be contemplated, the Secretary of the Oamaru Club, Mr. H. A. Early, Railway Station, Oamaru, would be pleased to supply copies of the local rules or other information that may be desired.


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