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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 6 (October 1, 1927)

R. O. I. Re-union

R. O. I. Re-union.

It was a happy thought which prompted the local Committee of the Railway Officers' Institute to arrange a social re-union, and the function held recently was an unqualified success. The promoters of the evening certainly achieved their aim in re-uniting the members in the bonds of fellowship. Besides providing a cheery night's entertainment, they resuscitated the interest in the society which had been unaccountably lessened during the last few months. Mr. Lefevre, the branch president, presided and extended a welcome to several visitors including Sir Charles Statham, page 40 Speaker of the House, and Mr. H. C. Campbell, Chairman of the local Railway Advisory Board. Mr. West (District Traffic Manager), several other senior officers, and representatives of the sister societies were also present. The usual toasts were honoured and the remainder of the evening was spent in song and story. The efforts of the Committee met with the entire satisfaction of the members and visitors alike, and the next re-union will be keenly awaited.