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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 6 (October 1, 1927)

Almond Shortbreads

Almond Shortbreads.


½ lb. flour.

¼ lb. ground almonds.

¼ lb. butter.

1 oz. castor sugar.

Yolk of an egg.

5 or 6 almonds.


Blanch the whole almonds in very hot water, remove their skins and divide them into little spikes. Rub butter into the flour until it is like crumbs and add ground almonds and sugar. Mix well together and moisten with egg yolk.

Knead very lightly, then roll out less than a quarter of an inch thick. Cut into shapes, lay some of the split almonds on top, and bake a pale golden colour in a moderate oven.

They are delicious.