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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 6 (October 1, 1927)

Nature's Supremacy

Nature's Supremacy.

Nevertheless much of the olden charm remains; and Nature has a way of asserting herself in unexpected forms and places now and again, just by way of reminding mere man that she after all is supreme.

This time of the year is in some important respects the pleasantest time for a Geyserland tour. The “Kowhai floods,” as the Maori calls the heavy rains of spring, are over and the heat of summer has not yet had time to turn the pumice roads into all-pervading dust. The place is not yet crowded with holiday folk; the fish have not yet learned to be wary of the man with the rod; there is a newness, a fresh-washed air about the town and the parks and gardens after the winter's rest and generous moisture. Yet every season of the year has its own appeal in Lakeland; even mid-winter I have found very pleasant there, because for weeks at a time the days are clear and bright.