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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 6 (October 1, 1927)

Technical Instruction

Technical Instruction.

Railway education in Britain takes many forms. Not for many years has so admirably equipped an educational establishment been opened up at Home as the special school recently established at South Kensington station, by the London Underground authorities, for the instruction of employees engaged in the work of signal maintenance. At this new school, lecture courses and practical demonstrations are given free of charge to signal linesmen and apprentices. On successful emergence from the courses, employees are awarded qualifying certificates, authorising the holders to take charge of a signal maintenance section.

An experimental track circuit for testing and demonstrational work is a feature of the equipment of the South Kensington School. A clever arrangement for lowering or raising the water level in a tank illustrates the effect of wet or dry weather upon a track circuit. Miniature automatic signalling installations include A. C. condenser feed track circuit and daylight signal, complete with all electric train stop, A. C. resistance feed track circuit and D. C. lamp signal, with electropneumatic train stop, and an A. C. impedance bond track circuit and flux neutraliser signal. A model signal box is also provided, complete with seven-lever power frame and illuminated train diagram, as well as a length of full-sized track with points lay-out and signals.