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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 5 (September 1, 1929)

Promotions Recorded During August

page 62

Promotions Recorded During August

Division I.

Edgar, J. W., to Steel Wagon Shop Foreman, Gr. 5, Otahuhu.

Franklin, H. W., to Officer in Charge, Advertising Branch, Special Gr. 2, Wellington.

Islip, P. E., to Goods Delivery Clerk, Gr. 6, Timaru.

Kearin, M. P., to Booking Clerk, Gr. 5, Auckland.

Kerr, L., to Clerk, Relief, Gr. 6, Palmerston North.

Larkin, H. J., to Stationmaster, Gr. 2, New Plymouth.

Monteith, J. H., to Audit Inspector (North Island), Gr. 3, Auckland.

McCarthy, H. J., to Assistant Relieving Officer, Gr. 6, Te Kuiti.

Ramsbottom, T., to Chief Clerk, Gr. 4, Whangarei.

Small, F. J. D., to Record Clerk, Gr. 4, Head Office, Wellington.

Smith, G. F., to Allocator Clerk, Gr. 6, Dunedin Goods.

Vincent, L. M., to Section Clerk (Recoveries), Gr. 5, Chief Accountant's Office, Wellington.

Webber, J., to Yard Foreman, Gr. 5, Frankton Junction.

Worsfold, W. E., to Accounts Clerk, Gr. 6. District Traffic Manager's Office, Christ-church.

Guard to Foreman, Division I.

O'Kane, W. J., to Yard Foreman, Gr. 5, Greymouth.

Division II.
Traffic Branch.

Shunter to Guard.

Chapman, H. J. L., to Invercargill Passenger.

Signalmen to Shunters.

Elwell, J., to Otahuhu.

Purves, W., to Whangarei.

Porters to Shunters.

Burley, W. A., to Greymouth.

Cameron, W. D., to Palmerston North.

Harris, E. C., to Westport.

Nisbet, W. E., to Wellington Goods.

Sowry, A. G., to Relief, Auckland.

Windsor, W. S. J., to Spare, Christchurch Goods.

Locomotive Branch.

Lifter to Storeman.

Ross, C. J., to Hillside.

Striker to Iron Machinist.

Brady, T. M., to Gr. 1, Addington.

Stores Branch.

Storeman to Leading Storeman.

Buckley, H. H., to East Town Stores.

Maintenance Branch.

Ganger, Gr. 1, to Ganger, Sub-class 10.

Hill, C. H., to New Plymouth.

Labourer to Skilled Labourer.

Frater, W., to Kaiwarra.

Surfacemen to Gangers.

Garard, G. W., to Tarukenga.

Lukashefski, J. A., to Kiore.

Simpson, W. F., to Omana.

Teirney, J., to Ahikiwi.