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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 5 (September 1, 1929)

Letters of Appreciation

page 63

Letters of Appreciation

From the Manager, Woodville Municipal Gas Works, to Mr. E. A. Smart, Stationmaster, Woodville:—

Owing to failure of our regular coal supplies coming forward, I was faced with the position of being almost out of coal stock. An urgent telephone message to our suppliers in Wellington for a quick supply of coal, and at the same time a request that the Railway treat the matter as urgent, was sent. How well the latter request was carried out is explained by the fact of the consignment arriving here in good time. For this I am very pleased and thankful. I am quite satisfied the Railway Department is out to give the best of service.

* * *

From E. Castle, Wellington, to the District Traffic Manager, Wellington:—

I should like to express my appreciation of the courtesy extended to women passengers on the Napier Express (and no doubt on other Express trains also).

While travelling alone recently—and not very well—it was pleasing to receive the assistance from a courteous guard, who arranged to bring me tea at Paekakariki and attend to my luggage, etc.

These kindly attentions must mean much to any woman travelling alone. The Red Cap porters are a boon, too.

* * *

From the Secretary, Wauwhetu School Committee, Lower Hutt, to the District Traffic Manager, Wellington:—

I feel it is my duty to thank you for the excellent transport arrangements which you made for us on Tuesday, 23rd July, for our visits to the Winter Show. Though over a hundred of us went, we were given ample accommodation at a charge which will induce us to make good use of the services during the coming fine weather for Saturday picnics and so on. The Tramways also looked after us well, and as you were responsible for that arrangement, we thank you for it.

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