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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 8 (December 1, 1929)

General Manager's Message — Analysing Points of Progress

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General Manager's Message
Analysing Points of Progress.

In going through the reports that chart the rise or fall in the tides of our various kinds of business, I have found it interesting and useful to discover the particular types of traffic in which a general upward tendency is disclosed, and to analyse through the component factors down to the basic principles upon which such favourable results are built.

The purpose of an examination of this kind is to find, if possible, a key that may unlock the door to success in dealing with those other classes of traffic where a diminishing business is revealed.

A recent analysis of this kind shows that the principal improvements in our returns have been either from ordinary goods traffic, or from certain types of business not, until comparatively recent years, dealt with by the Railways at all. Among the latter are night trains for passengers, the “Through Booking” of passengers, parcels, and goods between one island and the other, certain types of passenger traffic conveyed by special trains at reduced fare, and the hire of cushions for passengers on express trains.

Further Improvements Justified.

All these special kinds of service, that add something to the transport facilities formerly provided, are proving particularly acceptable to the public. They might be regarded by some as the mere fringes of our business, but they nevertheless deserve special attention as being undoubtedly the kinds of additions to our ordinary services from which profit may be derived. Their success goes to show that in their introduction the public demand was accurately gauged, and it also indicates the general transport tendencies of the times. For this reason I look forward to the improvements which modern terminal facilities at our principal stations will enable us to provide for our clients; the completion of improvements in car rolling stock that will give opportunity for the employment of observation cars and coupé compartments; the introduction of light train units to improve local train services; and the extension of our refreshment services.

The general situation in regard to freight by rail is distinctly good, a steady and substantial increase being maintained. This indicates that our tariff charges are, in the main, favourable to shippers, and also that the public generally recognise the advantage of using the State system of transport.

Commerce Train.

The general benefits accruing both to the districts visited and to the large delegation of the Auckland Chamber of Commerce who travelled on a nine-days’ tour of the Auckland Province last month, have been very generally and cordially acknowledged. It has been particularly pleasing to me to find that the organisation of the tour was so perfectly arranged, and that every member of the Department who had to do with the arrangements or work of the tour carried through his share so efficiently. I desire to place on record my deep appreciation of this evidence of perfectly co-ordinated transport which brought such unstinted praise from the travellers.

The Season's Greetings.

I am desired by the Hon. W. B. Taverner, Minister of Railways, to convey, on his behalf, the season's greetings to all the clients and employees of the Department, and to express the hope that they may have a Merry Christmas, followed by a New Year in which a full measure of happiness and prosperity may be enjoyed by all.

In this expression of goodwill I and my Executive Officers heartily join.

General Manager.

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