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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 9 (January 1, 1930)

Beach Frocks and Bathing Costumes

page 56

Beach Frocks and Bathing Costumes

January, February and March are the jolly bathing months—blue sky, blue sea, and burning sands—a fitting enough background for the daughters of Eve. Let our beach frocks be gay, vivid splashes of colour—orange, crimson, and green. Nothing could be more effective than a group of colourful frocks blown by the sea breezes—haven't you often wished to be an artist at such moments?

Materials this year are even more varied and cheaper than ever. There is no earthly reason why everyone should not be quite “a thing of beauty”—when a frock can be made for the sum of five shillings! Let them be simply cut and plain—colour is the chief thing. This year we are all going to save our stockings and revert to the bare-legged bliss of childhood—won't it be nice “to feel the sand between our toes?” Tennis shoes, and one of those tremendous, fascinating Lido hats will complete the jolliest beach costume—comfortable, cool and charming. Farewell to the days of Victoria when our grandmothers timidly displayed a dainty ankle. Life may have had its joys then, but its handicaps were horrible! Everywhere the cry of the modern is for “Freedom!”

Imagine tip-toeing discreetly from a bathing machine in a modest and billowing affair of navy serge—to giggle and gasp for a few moments on the extreme edge of the briny and to rush back “under cover” at the mere sight of an inoffensive male!

I think the modern bathing costume is really beautiful and so comfortable for good swimming, for, of course now-a-days, we all swim and “life-save”—not to mention diving, speed boats and aquaplanes. The twentieth century girl stands proudly poised on the spring-board—slim, confident, commanding—a brave little figure ready to glide like a swallow into the depths.

Belts are being worn again this year—but beware of them if you are inclined to plumpness—for they are unkind.

An essential part of your swimming costume is a towel bathing wrap—they always make me think of the sweeping sheiks of Arabia—although their flowing robes are supposed to be in reality horribly unclean! A floating vivid wrap is the jolliest thing—and so warm in one of our “Southerlies.” Now take your Jap. sunshade and your rubber bathing shoes and give my love to the sea.