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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 9 (January 1, 1930)


The year through which we have just passed has been one of steady progress in the development of our services in the direction of making them increasingly responsive to public requirements.

The passenger traffic throughout the peak period of the Christmas and New Year has been handled by the staff with care and an absence of serious delays through any defects in rolling stock or equipment, and once more we are in the happy position to record an immunity from serious personal accident to our passengers that is really remarkable.

During the year we have continued the progressive policy of catering for the public demand. To this end, we have made some progress in connection with facilities and more generous services, but more particularly am I gratified to see on all sides a very marked development in the will to serve. I have also had many communications, both verbal and in writing, affording me very tangible evidence in this connection. I feel that this is probably the aspect of our progress that has the greatest potentialities for success in the future, and the advance that we have made in this connection is proportionately gratifying to me.