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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 7 (December 1, 1932)

General Manager's Message

page 8

General Manager's Message

Our Late General Manager.

Since the last issue of the Magazine, the Department has suffered a sad loss in the untimely death of its late General Manager, Mr. P. G. Roussell. Respected and loved by all who knew him, appreciated as a railwayman for his sound knowledge and capacity, and as an individual for his sterling character, the late Mr. Roussell's passing was a cause of grief throughout the Service and of the deepest sympathy for the relatives and friends bereft of his kindly and warm-hearted association. The spontaneous expressions of sympathy from the staff in all parts of the Dominion were a genuine tribute to the high esteem in which he had been held by all ranks.

Summer Prospects.

The persistence of unsettled times makes estimating in connection with Christmas and New Year traffic difficult, but with operating costs considerably lower than they were last year, the net returns should shew an improvement, given a reasonable proportion of public patronage. Those who use the rail in preference to other modes of transport will, besides obtaining low fares and satisfactory service, be doing something of direct benefit to the country in its time of need, for as has been previously indicated, almost the whole of their payments to the Railways become a direct contribution to the Treasury, thus helping to reduce the Dominion's annual liability. Through the steady policy of continuous replacement of obsolescent stock, locomotives, cars, and other rolling stock have never been in better order for the busy period of the year, and a generous time-table has been arranged for both Islands to meet the full transport needs of the community.

Christmas Greetings.

The Board desires me to express, on its behalf and through the medium of the Magazine, the Season's Greetings to all clients and employees of the Department, and to convey their warmest wishes to all for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

In these seasonable greetings the Executive Officers heartily join.

Acting General Manager.