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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 7 (December 1, 1932)

Political Goose-step

Political Goose-step.

A few months ago, when the United States Presidential election delays began, it was feared that Germany was in a state that could not wait. Both financially and politically, Germany appeared to be on the slide. It was said that Germany would not mark time till Christmas, still less until U.S. Democrats should rule in March. But Germany has marked time. She has marked time by holding two Reichstag elections—and still the Papen-Schleicher despotism, with President Hindenburg, governs without the Reichstag. In other words, Von Papen as “stop-gap Chancellor,” has already stopped a big gap. He has played chess with Von Hitler and also with foreign Governments, particularly on disarmament. Should it become desirable for Germany to take up a new position on the chess board to meet an altered economic diplomatic situation, then Papen could go, as Bruening went. A President can change a Chancellor easier than a Reichstag. Would a new Chancellor mean a new spell in which to mark time?