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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 7 (December 1, 1932)

Democracy and Fascism

Democracy and Fascism.

Flexible democracy presents the anomaly that while the Americans hold a national election to discover a popular ruler, Germany holds two elections in order to keep popular rulers out. At time of writing, the Reichstag leaders are still out; and even if they get rid of a Presidentially appointed Von Papen they may find in his place another non-elective, perhaps Von Schleicher. Democracy as practised in the United States, and as practised in Germany, may well make Signor Mussolini smile. Democracy seems to be capable of almost any application. Consider the gap between a Hoover and a Hindenburg, yet both are called Presidents. The Punch and Judy show in Berlin, and the recent deaf and dumb show in the United States, might well inspire Italian Fascism to write a book. Like every book, of course, it would have an answer. Meanwhile the Northern Hemisphere marches into a winter of discontent. Europe fears, and America is sure, that it will be worse than last winter. Stock Exchange flutters sound like the fiddling of financial Neros.