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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 7 (December 1, 1932)

Mr. Baldwin's Bomb

Mr. Baldwin's Bomb.

If the time is coming when domestic factors require another Chancellor in Germany, it may be convenient that he should fall (ostensibly, at any rate) through the diplomatic recoil of his attitude on armaments. Britain, otherwise not averse to Papenism, is against its secession policy on that issue. Britain is earnestly seeking success at the disarmament conference—success without sacrifice of either French or German friendship. Mr. Baldwin's speech has done as much as anything to bring disarmament sentiment to a peak, and his statement that air warfare can wipe out European civilisation is perhaps the most conspicuous danger signal hoisted during the post-war period. The man who said that is a man who wants Germany to come to Geneva as a place to build in. Geneva does not admit futility. (Dares not!)