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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 7 (December 1, 1932)

Class War in Geneva!

Class War in Geneva!

While golden time is being lost by the reconstructionists on the debts and disarmament issues, the anti-Governmental work of society-wreckers goes on, and Communism is blamed for disorders in both Britain and on the Continent. In all page 11 capitals this has from time to time occurred, and now in the League of Nations capital, Geneva itself, where sanguinary fights with Communists are reported. Disarmament committees found a new thrill in sitting behind armed guards. With the occasional chairmanship of Mr. de Valera, with the French plan for a League army, with Communists knocking at the gates, and with Japan disregarding the Lytton (Manchurian) report, Geneva has plenty of sensations of her own. The Germans suspect the French of planning to dump on the League old armaments otherwise scrappable. The French plan itself is obscure, though voluminous.