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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 7 (December 1, 1932)

Mr. Sterling's Feeling Tribute

Mr. Sterling's Feeling Tribute.

The following tribute to the memory of the late Mr. Roussell was paid by Mr. H. H. Sterling, Chairman of the Government Railways Board:—

“The news of the sudden death of Mr. Roussell came as a very great shock to me, and, I am sure, to all those who had been associated with him.

“Mr. Roussell, by the kindliness of his disposition, had endeared himself alike to colleagues and subordinates, and had earned their warmest regard. He was ever ready to give advice and assistance to every member of the service in whatever rank he might be placed. His appointment to the highest executive office in the Department was fully justified by the faithfulness of his service, the great ability which he brought to bear on his work, his sound judgment, and his encyclopaedic knowledge of everything connected with the railway business. Since Mr. Roussell's appointment to the General Managership, there has passed through his hands a tremendous volume of work. There have been many questions of the highest import which have required to be dealt with by him, and his reports to the Board were always characterised by a broad outlook, a mature judgment, and a well-balanced mind, which earned the entire respect and confidence of every member of the Government Railways Board. I feel that I am voicing the feelings of every member of the Railways Department in deploring Mr. Roussell's untimely decease, and I know that my colleagues on the Board are of one mind with me in an expression of profound regret and a deep sense of loss of a capable, faithful, and loyal officer and a gentleman.”