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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 8 (February 1, 1933)

Riddle Competition

Riddle Competition

Here is the easiest competition we have had.

Make up a riddle about a well-known railwaytown in New Zealand.

Write it out with your name, age and address and send to Trainland before March 18th. Prizes for the best.

This is a riddle example:—

Q.: Which is Brer Rabbit's favourite holiday resort?

A.: Bunnythorpe.

(Bunnythorpe is on the North Island Main Trunk Line, near Palmerston North.)

Special Notice.

As the majority of entries received in Trainland are so neat and attractive, we have decided to set no limit to the number of prizes. Nothing is more discouraging than to try hard and then receive nothing for your trouble.

Send in your entry to-day and see what the mailman will bring you.

Our space is restricted, so instead of filling it up with the names of hosts of prizewinners, we will print the most interesting letters and stories written by Trainlanders.