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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 5 (September 1, 1933)



New Zealand! Land of loveliness,
Where light and shade unite,
In tapestries of vernal grace
And rare delight!
Thy fern-clad gorges whisper low,
Secrets gleaned of the years;
Crooning the lilt of laughter gay,
The sob of tears!
By night, the silver moon transcends,
To watch the mist-wraiths creep—
Grey tides that lave proud Egmont's feet
In seas of sleep!
The evening star stoops low to rest,
Mirrored within thy lakes—
Where umber shadows waiting lie
Till dawn awakes
To fling the tui's mellow notes,
Athwart a woodland dim,
Responsive to the bell-bird's flute,
In matin hymn.
All laud to Him, who blessed thee
With beauty's endless calm,
Of gorge and stream, of spangled glade,
Of glen and meadow, flower sprayed,
Where golden sunbeams gem the shade,
'Neath nikau palm!

* * *