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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 8 (December 1, 1933)

A Complex Business

A Complex Business.

The practice of culture and learning
Has won many people's support,
And almost each day we are turning
To more intellectual thought.
We revel in using the highly
Elaborate and technical phrase;
But the thing that I mean
Is especially seen
In the psycho-analysis craze!
If you've queer little habits and manners and such,
They say that you're under a complex;
And few are the people who haven't a touch
Of some psychological complex.
And here is a thing I can well guarantee—
That no matter what kind of a man you may be,
When it comes to the facts even you will agree
That you have your particular complex.
When you're bashful and timid and awkward and shy,
You've an inferiority complex;
If to lady companions you give the glad eye,
It's the great femininity complex.
And when taxes are heavy and incomes are small,
The Press and the Government say to us all,
“You must put your unfortunate backs to the wall
And adopt the economy complex.”
You're a fortunate man if you haven't a friend
With the long-distance-radio complex
And a trend that I do not intend to defend
Is the amateur gardening complex.
There are lots of peculiar women and men
Whose habits surprise us again and again;
I have even done strange things myself—now and then—
But why should they call it a complex?