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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 8 (December 1, 1933)

Fast Freight Trains in Britain

Fast Freight Trains in Britain.

At this period of the year freight traffic assumes its peak point in Britain. Welcome increases have recently been recorded in the tonnage handled, and to meet traffic demands the freight train timetables of the four big group railways have been augmented by the inclusion of many new fast goods services. Apart from the ordinary standard freight trains, more than two hundred specially fast trains are being operated nightly between London and other centres. These give next-day deliveries at points as far distant as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Penzance and Liverpool.

Hand-in-hand with these goods train accelerations, the Home railways are greatly improving their terminal services. New and enlarged freight depots, equipped with overhead electric cranes, conveyors, and other modern handling appliances, are being brought into use. Nearly 1,000 warehouses are owned by the four group lines, situated at key positions, and having accommodation of over 25,000,000 sq. ft. Annual handlings of goods traffic total about 258,000,000 tons.

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Most of the miscellaneous freight is conveyed in covered wagons, while open trucks mainly are given over to traffics such as building materials, coal, and manure.