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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 8 (December 1, 1933)

An Appreciation

An Appreciation

From the Hon. Secretary, Brooklyn School Committee, Wellington, to the General Manager of Railways, Wellington:—

My Committee desires to extend through you to the Stationmaster of Upper Hutt and the Coaching Foreman, its thanks and appreciation of the assistance and courtesy displayed by these officers of the Railway Department, on the occasion of its recent picnic. The heavy rain which set in during the afternoon was a problem for the Committee, with nearly a thousand adults and children to deal with. The Stationmaster, however, by arranging conveyance for those wishing to go back to town, and also in placing the picnic train at the disposal of the Committee for sheltering and feeding the children, assisted splendidly in overcoming the Committee's difficulty. His readiness and courtesy in this emergency was much appreciated.