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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 8 (December 1, 1933)

Sunset on Lake Taupo

Sunset on Lake Taupo.

The ardent sun disappears behind the encircling hills, suddenly—as all wonderful happenings in Nature. The lake waters change from blue to a grey hue. The distant bluffs, hills and shores are veiled in evening shadows.

The grey fades into blue—blue to purple— purple to cerise. A brooding hush as if Nature stood to silence watching the passing of a spent day laden with memories of good and ill, to many. Even the birds in the thickets are silent.

Golden pathways flame on water that reflects an ever-changing sky—rugged hilltops, etching the sky, beautified by sunset glory. A sighing breeze touches the cheeks as with a benison. Then, hey presto! all is blue-grey shadow land, with the silver, evening glimmering star.

To unbelievable beauty, add utility. An inland sea, with 300 miles of coast, from which may be collected dairy produce, meat, wool, timber, not to mention sport fishing. Wading in the shallows, collecting six and seven pounders.

Doomed—the iridescent beauties, ah, well— farewell. No, we can never, after sojourning there, quite forget Lake Taupo. Sport, Romance, Adventure, Healing in what one of New Zealand's Governors (who appreciated its “aids to health and vigour”) described as a “Lotus Land.”

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