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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 8 (December 1, 1933)



“Drums of Mer,” by Ion L. Idriess (Angus and Robertson, Sydney).—This is another enthrallingly interesting book from this adventurous Australian. This time Mr. Idriess takes us to the tropic islands of the Torres Strait, and tells us a graphic story of the people of the villages of Mer. The author claims that his story is in all essentials historical fact, and, backed by his unique reputation as a writer, his claim must be accepted. After reading the book one must once more admit that truth is stranger than fiction. There is a foreword by Wm. H. MacFarland, Mission Priest of Torres Strait, and a number of interesting illustrations. It is hard to do justice in a few lines to such a fine book. My advice is get it and read it. Price 6/-.

“The Gallant Company,” by H. R. Williams (Angus and Robertson); is described by Lieut-General Sir Talbot-Hobbs in his foreword to the book “as the best soldier story he has read in Australia.” I don't think he is far wrong. This story of the part the Australian Imperial Force played in the big war makes a markedly valuable addition to the library of war books. The incidents retain the vivid vigonr of the moment, being set down from the war diary of the author and the letters he wrote from the Front. Price 6/-.

“The Culture of the Abdomen,” by F. A. Hornibrook (Heinemann).—This is the most valuable book I have read this year. Valuable, for it reveals the plain formula of health. The author, who has spent his life in the study of physical education, outlines his exercises for the stimulation of the abdominal muscles and the alimentary tract. Because he has had no hesitation in calling a spade a spade his reasonings come home to the reader with rather alarming force. Anybody who has read the book, must be impelled immediately to commence these seven minutes a day exercises to emerge shortly, a being, reinvigorated in health and happiness. Sir William Arbuthnot Lane and the late Arnold Bennett have placed their approval on the work. The book is in its eighth edition. Price 6/-.