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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 8 (December 1, 1933)

Good Work by the Staff Acknowledged

Good Work by the Staff Acknowledged.

At a recent conference in Wellington it was most gratifying to me to listen to the spontaneous expressions of appreciation by every District Officer present of the services rendered by all grades and ranks of the service in furthering the business interests of the Department, a service which, I am equally gratified to say, is freely acknowledged by the clients of the Department and as sincerely appreciated by them.

Apart from the fact that success in securing business is essential to the survival of the railways as the principal means of transport in the Dominion, and the close personal interest which members of the service must take in the work on this account, there is a satisfaction in pleasing the public. This leads to reciprocal goodwill that makes the daily contact between staff and public more pleasant for everyone concerned and leads to mutual appreciation not possible of achievement in any other way. It is in connection with this cheerful, courteous, spontaneous service (an anxiety to be helpful beyond the bare limits of official obligations) that many grateful acknowledgments have been received by the Department from clients, and it is in respect of this attitude of the staff towards the public and vice versa, that I wish to express on behalf of the Board and the Management, particular satisfaction.