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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 8 (December 1, 1933)

Home Notes. — Recipes

Home Notes.

These recipes are all well tried and tasted.

Cornflake Cookies.—¼ lb butter, ½ large cup of sugar; beat well together, add one beaten egg, one dessertspoonful golden syrup, one cup flour, one teaspoonful baking powder, almond essence, two cups of cornflakes. (Dates or any nuts may be added if liked, but are very nice without.)

Put cornflakes in a separate basin. When the mixture is made take small pieces off (about a teaspoonful) and roll in cornflakes, then drop on to the slide and bake.

Oatina Biscuits.—¼ lb. butter, 2 teacupsful oatina, 1 teacupful sugar (brown or white), ½ cup flour, ½ teaspoonful essence vanilla, pince of salt, ½ teaspoonful baking powder. (If liked, some chopped walnuts together with one tablespoon of treacle will add to the flavour of the biscuits.

Method: Melt the butter, add sugar, egg well beaten, flour, oatina, salt and baking powder. Place on a cold floured tray in small lumps with a spoon. Bake in moderate oven.

Almond Macaroons.—¼ lb. butter, ½ lb. flour, ¼ lb. sugar, 1 egg, 1 teaspoonful almond essence, 1 teaspoonful baking powder, halved blanched almonds.

Method: Beat butter and sugar to a cream, add well beaten egg. Beat. Add almond essence, flour with baking powder. Roll into small balls. Place half almond on top and bake in moderate oven for twenty minutes.

Shortbread.—¼ lb. butter, 2 ozs. castor sugar, 8 ozs. flour (or 1 oz. ground ice flour, 7 ozs. flour), pinch of salt.

Method: Cream the butter and sugar and beat in sifted flour gradually until firm enough to handle. Turn on to a floured board and work in the remaining flour with the hand, making it about ¾ in, thick. Flute the edges with the back of a knife. Prick all over. Bake in a moderate oven for three-quarters to one hour. Cut into pieces on the ovenshelf while still hot.