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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 8 (December 1, 1933)

Christmas Here, There and Everywhere

Christmas Here, There and Everywhere.

At Christmas there's a Christmas air from here to there-most everywhere. In Poland where the barbers rash meet once a year to blow their cash; in Porto Rico, Port o'Spain, in Biffin's Bay and back again; in Baltimore and Inverness and Edinburgh-more or less; in Bombalina where they bomb their presidents with great aplomb; in Curacao, Constantina, where wine is bought for half a “deener”; around Cape Horn where blizzards blow and synchopatic sailors go; up north among the polar bears and south where penguins rule affairs; in Luxembourg where nothing shrinks; in Mississippi famed for its drinks; along the Polish corridor and out upon the Danzig floor; away below the frigid zone where ices grow without the cone; in latitude and longitude where sailors sail in solitude; in China on the crockery shelf where everybody helps himself; both north and south and east and west it's Christmas, as no doubt you've guessed. In fact, on land and sea and air it's Christmas almost everywhere.