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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 9 (January 1, 1934)

Down Beside the Rolling Tide

Down Beside the Rolling Tide.

Here's a secret—hold it tight—
Someone's going out to-night.
When the moon arrives and shines,
And the folks pull down their blinds,
Then I'll tidy up and go
To a little place I know,
Where with somebody I'll hide,
Down beside the rolling tide.
All the pictures you have seen,
In a picture magazine,
Are as nothing to compare
With the beauties you'll see there.
So let's sing a merry song
Where the breakers roll along,
Let's all chant a melody
Down beside the rolling sea.
Where the zephyrs come and go,
Sighing measures sweet and low,
Here the tender lovers croon
Underneath the mellow moon,
As each other they entwine
In a rhapsody divine,
Love-enraptured, side by side,
Strolling by the rolling tide.
Hear the stories they repeat;
Note the hearts that skip a beat
With exciting joys that thrill
As their souls with magic fill,
Loving, in the same old way,
By the silver and the spray
Of the ocean deep and wide—
Down beside the rolling tide.

* * *