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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 12 (March 1, 1938.)

“That Was a Good Meal!“

“That Was a Good Meal!“

In a recent letter to the “Otago Daily Times” a correspondent pays tribute to the Railway Department's Refreshment Rooms at Oamaru, in the following terms:—

To The Editor. Sir,—

One can criticise much in the Government railways, but I would like space to compliment the management and staff of the Oamaru dining rooms. To-day (Saturday) was a very hot and dusty day, and there was a very full train.

For lunch at Oamaru the tables made quite a picture—hothouse tomatoes, beet-root and lettuce salad. The cold lamb, the new potatoes and the vegetables mentioned above made a delightful meal for a hot day. The stewed apricots were perfect. I often think that in Otago we get the best flavoured and the most wholesome food in the world, but railway dining rooms—like many of our eating houses—can make a sad mess of it.

It is a pleasure to give a word of praise when it is due, and Oamaru is certainly to be complimented on its successful management and on the courteous and efficient girls who serve the meals.

This expression of thanks is prompted by overhearing several say: “That was a good meals.

I am etc.,

Constant Traveller.

Such a horror of tobacco-smoke had “Victoria the Good” that those of her guests at any of the Royal palaces who chanced to be smokers were compelled, if they craved a whiff, to indulge in their bedrooms after retiring for the night, with their heads up the chimney—lest perchance the tell-tale fumes should give them away! This seems almost incredible to-day when both sexes smoke and even exalted personages puff away freely and unashamedly, and sometimes even to excess. Excessive smoking, by the way, is not always wise, but it needn't worry Maorilanders because “toasted” is always at their service. It's the tobacco full of nicotine that does the harm. But there's very little nicotine in toasted. It's cut out by the toasting. So you run no risks with these beautiful tobaccos, so sweet, pure, cool and fragrant—and so comparatively harmless. Five brands only of the genuine toasted: Cut Plug No. 10 (Bullshead), Navy Cut No. 3 (Bulldog), Cavendish, Riverhead Gold and Desert Gold. But take care what you buy. Worthless imitations are on the market.*

“In a trice I am seated in the grandest library of my dreams.“

“In a trice I am seated in the grandest library of my dreams.“

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