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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 11 (January 1, 1939)

Railway Progress In New Zealand — General Manager's Message. — A Successful Holiday Period

page 8

Railway Progress In New Zealand
General Manager's Message.
A Successful Holiday Period

In this, my first Message after the Christmas and New Year holiday period, I wish to say how much I appreciate the response to my appeal for care in the handling of trains and attention to the requirements of the travelling public, a response that resulted in a record of good time-keeping for trains and freedom from accident during what was probably the busiest Christmas and New Year period the Department has ever experienced.

It will, I hope, afford some measure of satisfaction to all concerned to learn that I have received a number of letters and other communications from travellers acknowledging the good service given them by members of the staff. Typical of these is one from an Australian visitor who travelled on Christmas Eve (the busiest day of our year) and who included in his letter of thanks the following: “The members of your staff travelling on the train were all most helpful and informative in answering the many questions, and seemed most anxious to assist passengers.”

Another writer, in indicating the true spirit of helpfulness as shown by one member of the staff in connection with the transport of a passenger who was ill, said: “Nothing was too small or trivial for his personal attention and we are deeply grateful to him.” The same writer also acknowledged the consideration shown by all other members of the Department who had to deal with this case.

As members of the Service and the public alike know, the railway facilities available to the travelling public have been much improved in recent years, but it still rests with the individual members of the Service to ensure, by their courtesy and attention, that passengers obtain on the occasion of their journeys with us as much enjoyment and pleasure as may be possible. For this reason it must be particularly pleasing to all concerned to find that, in the busiest period of the year, the time-keeping performance of our trains and attention to the wants of passengers were such as to give general satisfaction to those who availed themselves of our services.

I desire, accordingly, to express to each and every member of the staff on behalf of the Minister, myself and my Executive Officers our grateful thanks for a job so well done under circumstances that called for the exercise of greater care than usual in the handling of trains, promptness at stations, and careful attention to the many requirements of our Christmas and New Year patrons.

General Manager.